Advanced surface treatment technology for metals from Kronos

Superior surface treatments to enhance ferrous metal performance from Kronos

Our superior surface treatments enhance ferrous metal performance.

These processes include several different Titanium nitride and Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) technologies since different treatments create different properties for the metals. Therefore, choosing the right technology is critical to improve the metals performance.

Further, these material modifications increase performance without significant cost. This is why our superior surface treatments are used in a huge amount of industrial sectors including military & aerospace, automotive, agriculture, mining and manufacturing.

To achieve this game-changing increase in performance we use a range of advanced, state of the art, coating surface treatment technologies that includes:

  • Salt Bath Titanium Nitride
  • Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC)
  • Plasma Ion Nitride

These technologies offer different surface treatments to enhance the ferrous metals depending on the final finish requirement.  

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Titanium Nitride TechnologyTitanium Nitride (TiN) Technology

The Titanium Nitride process modifies the surface metallurgy properties of ferrous materials by dramatically hardening the surface. This improves performance as well as extending product life.

The TiN process is a thermo-chemical diffusion treatment. It enriches the surface of ferrous materials with nitrogen and a small amount of carbon. Thermochemical treatment works by employing thermal diffusion to incorporate non-metal or metal atoms into a material’s surface and modifies its chemistry and microstructure. This leads to a protective multi layer process that gives the metal fantastic properties.

Titanium Nitride benefits for metals

The advantages of Titanium Nitride as an enhanced surface treatments for ferrous metals, components and parts due to the include:

  • Very good wear resistance and surface fatigue resistance 
  • Excellent corrosion protection 
  • Decorative consistent & durable black finish
  • Good frictional properties
  • Excellent scuffing / seizure protection (adhesive wear) 
  • The process causes no distortion of the metals. 
  • Environmentally sound; “zero waste” concept
  • Uniform thickness (typical ~ 10 microns or 0.0005”) on complex part geometries.
  • Ability to treat small cavities and through holes  

These benefits mean that Titanium nitride processing is used throughout many industries and sectors including military & defense, automotive, agricultural machinery, drilling equipment, boating & shipping, industrial blades, manufacturing equipment, tools and mining.

Diamond Like Carbon technologyDiamond Like Carbon technology

The Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) process rearranges the carbon atoms in a special crystal array. The finished surface has the combined properties of diamond that is a very hard compound and graphite that is very low friction.

This means that Diamond Like Carbon technology provides many benefits:

  • An enhanced surface treatment for all ferrous metals, components and parts.
  • DLC provides ultra-low friction between sliding components. The process provides low friction coefficients of the surface. This minimizes friction losses and power, prevents jamming of moving & sliding parts and ensures more reliable operation.
  • The low friction surfaces reduces frequent lubrication because the low or no-lubrication condition minimises dirt and dust accumulation.
  • Further, the low energy surface reduces servicing requirements which minimises carbon fouling due to the ‘non-sticking’ nature of the DLC coating.
  • DLC produces the hardest known synthetic materials. Therefore, this very high hardness surface layer significantly improves scuffing and overall wear-resistance.
  • DLC is a low coating temperature process (150 – 250°C) that ensures no distortion of coated components or loss of core hardness.
  • They are thin coatings (2 to 5 microns) that has a minimal impact on size tolerance of the coated component.
  • DLC is a high adhesion coating for a wide range of substrates. This includes all steels including sintered, copper-alloys, titanium- alloys, tungsten-carbide, plastics and glass.
  • The final coating has an appealing cosmetic finish.
  • DLC coating allows masking regions on component and parts.
  • The process has zero environmental impact. There are no effluents or discharges and there are no toxic chemicals.

These benefits mean that Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) coating is perfect as an enhanced surface treatments for ferrous metals. For this reason it is used in many industries and sectors including the military & defense, automotive, agricultural machinery, drilling equipment, boating & shipping, industrial blades, manufacturing equipment, tools and mining.

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