About Kronos Protection

Kronos Protection LLC, a division of Coatings Factor, is a supplier of leading edge technologies in the realm of metals treatment. Our specialty is Nitriding of various metals and also in the PVD deposition of Diamond Like Carbon (DLC). `

Our metals treatment processes ensure optimum surface modification to achieve the highest possible levels of performance in such metrics as hardness, coefficient of friction, corrosion resistance and resistance to metal fatigue, among others. Nitriding and DLC far exceed expectations with respect to performance in these areas, surpassing those of any coatings or other chemical/thermal treatments. 

Kronos offers specialty services to a wide selection of customers in virtually all industries. These range from Military/Defense to Automotive, OEM Manufacturing, Mining, Drilling, Agriculture and including Medical.

Kronos Protection is a division of Coatings Factor, LLC., providing specialized metal applications designed to improve all types of steel. Applications range from agriculture to industrial processing. Coatings Factor is a specialized conformal coatings application company servicing clients throughout the world. The Company designs and engineers coating and other chemical processes to solve real world problems. The division “Kronos Protection” has been designed to specifically focus on metal treatment processes to vastly improve products made from steel.

Whether it is Nitriding or DLC, Kronos Protection stands ready to fully meet your expectations. Give us a call and ask for information or a quotation.