Superior performance for ferrous metals using Kronos advanced surface treatments

Our advanced surface treatments provide superior performance for ferrous metals, components and parts. This is due to the enhanced material characteristics that the Kronos processes cause to the original metals.

These benefits include enhanced strength, lower friction and increased corrosion protection. In addition, these performance enhancements for the metals are achieved without significant cost. Therefore, this leads to superior results for products using the Kronos process.

Further, Kronos coating technologies are used in many sectors. In fact, virtually all industries have applications utilising our coatings. Examples include military & aerospace, automotive, agriculture, mining and manufacturing.

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Kronos advanced service treatments

How do Kronos surface treatments enhance the metal components and parts?

Our surface treatments offer:

  • Dramatic increase in metal hardness (up to 10x)
  • Increased resistance to metal fatigue
  • Excellent resistance to wear and abrasion
  • Lowest coefficient of friction
  • Enhanced corrosion resistance (chemically inert)
  • No distortion, minimal increase in thickness

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Kronos surface treatments

What surface treatments are used to enhance the metal components and parts?

We achieve increases in performance using a range of advanced, state of the art, coating surface treatment technologies that includes:

  • Multiple Nitride techniques
  • Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC)

The titanium nitride process is a thermal diffusion treatment that affects the outmost layer of ferrous metals and that imparts a number of desirable properties. These enhanced properties provided by titanium nitriding include improved wear, erosion and scuffing resistance, lower surface friction, a superior corrosion protection and uniform durable black finish.

The nitriding process occurs in a chamber at elevated temperatures. We diffuse nitrogen and carbon  simultaneously into the surface of the metal. This results in an effect not unlike case hardening but is superior in performance. This technique is used widely in virtually every industry globally. For example, sectors such as the military & aerospace, automotive, agriculture, mining and industrial manufacturing use the Kronos coatings.

Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) coating rearranges carbon atoms in the metal surface in an alternative pattern to their natural state. This rearrangement enhances the metal and gives the surface the combined properties of diamond that is a very hard compound and graphite that is very low friction.

This means the DLC coating provides an extra hard surface that has ultra low friction. This is extremely useful for components that slide or must not jam and it also reduces the need for frequent lubrication and service requirements. Finally, it improves scuffing and overall wear-resistance while giving an excellent cosmetic finish.

Kronos Carbon CoatingWhere are nitriding and diamond like carbon coating used?

Many industries use our surface treatments because they improve the performance of the components. For instance, sectors such as the military, defense & aerospace, automotive, agricultural machinery, drilling equipment, boating & shipping, industrial blades, manufacturing equipment, tools and mining components all benefit from Kronos processes.

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